42 useful Google secrets, tricks and hidden games

Google search tricks and secrets list are here:

Here’s the full list:

1. Type “flip a coin” – Google will flip a coin for you

2. Type “pacman” – you’ll be able to play Pac-Man

3. Type “roll a dice” – Google will roll a dice for you

4. Type “do a barrel roll” – the search results page will do a flip

5. You can play Pac-Man directly in the search results

6. Type “zerg rush” – a game where you have to click the dots before they destroy your results

7. Type “once in a blue moon” – shows the frequency of blue moon occurrences

8. Type “anagram” – you’ll be asked if you meant “nag a ram”

9. Type “define anagram” – you’ll be asked if you meant “nerd fame again”

10. Type “what is the answer to life, the universe, and everything” – you’ll get the number 42, a reference to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

11. You can also play Tic Tac Toe against Google – but there’s a good chance you’ll lose

12. Type “askew” – the search results will be tilted

13. Type “Atari Breakout” – you’ll get to play the game in Image Search

14. Type “google gravity” and press I’m Feeling Lucky – the website will collapse

15. Type “number of horns on a unicorn” – you’ll get a calculator showing the number one

16. Type “what is the loneliest number” – the answer is one

17. Type “Google in 1998” – you’ll get a retro version of Google

18. Type “blink HTML” – the words will blink

19. There’s a full version of Solitaire hidden inside Google’s search engine

20. Type “(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(500*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.4)*(3-x*x)^0.1” – you’ll get a heart-shaped graph

21. Type “1.2+(sqrt(1-(sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2 + 1 – x^2-y^2) * (sin (10000 * (x*3+y/5+7))+1/4)” – you’ll get an Easter Egg shaped graph

22. Type “Bletchley Park” – you’ll get a code-style graphic, as a nod to British code-breakers who were based at Bletchley Park

23. Type “Cornway’s Game of Life” – you’ll get a simulation of life, which evolves to spell Google

24. Type “solitaire” – you can play the game Solitaire

25. Type “Tic Tac Toe” – you can play Tic Tac Toe

26. Type “play snake” – you can play the classic mobile game Snake

27. Type “Atari Breakout” into Google Images to unlock a secret game

28. Type “animal sounds” – you can play different animal sounds

29. Type “spin a dreidel” – you can spin a dreidel on the homepage

30. Type “spinner” – you can spin a number wheel

31. Type “fidget spinner” – you can spin a fidget spinner

32. Type “I’m feeling curious” – you’ll get the answer to a random question

33. Type “color picker” – you’ll be able to find details of exact colours

34. Type “random number generator” – generate a random number

35. Type “Breathing exercise” – this will help you regulate your breathing

36. Type “internet speed test” – this will let you find out how fast your internet is

37. Type “festivus” – a pole appears on the left-hand side of the screen

38. Type “recursion” – you’ll be asked if you meant “recursion”, as a joke

39. Type “pi” – you’ll get a calculator response

40. Type “is Google down?” – Google will tell you if it’s down

41. Type “” into your browser – you’ll get a “short and stout” error page

42. Type “marquee HTML” – the results bar will scroll


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