A huge number of Pixel 3 users are reporting serious memory management issues, not saving images, and more

Not again! Something bad for the Pixel 3 users. Over the past few days as more consumers have gotten their hands on the new Pixel 3 devices, a nasty issue has cropped up. It seems there are serious memory management issues.

Over the past several days, hundreds of Pixel 3 users have reported some strange behavior with their devices. A huge number of users are noting some memory management issues which results in background apps being killed, camera issues, and more.

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There are many examples of this, with one of the most prevalent being music apps such as Spotify being stopped mid-playback when taking a picture with the camera.

Further examples of what is going on include apps reloading far more than usual. Some users have noted that apps on the Pixel 3 seem to require being reloaded much more quickly, with the phone sometimes even struggling to keep 2-3 apps in memory at a time.

Another example with seemingly the same underlying cause is a camera bug which can cause images not to save or parts of a video to disappear.

Most likely, Google can fix a lot of these problems in an update to make the memory management less aggressive.

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