Apple’s iPhone 7 – might be the phone of our dream

Apple’s iPhone 7 might be the first handset in history of iPhone to lack a 3.5mm headphone jack and ship redesigned EarPods.

The iPhone 7 may even have an all glass face equipped with an under-the-screen Touch ID sensor and 3D Touch-powered virtual home button feature. It will likely be slimmer and smaller than predecessors, the iPhone 6s and will have a new design of antenna on the back of the device.

iphone 7

So far, we have not exactly what the next iPhone will have to offer, but one designer took all of the rumors out there and mashed them together to create what might just be the Apple’s iPhone 7.

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Miroslav Majdak, a designer came up with such a great iPhone 7 concept based on previous rumors. Additionally, he took things one step further by imagining an iPhone 7 with iOS 10 that lacks physical volume buttons, and instead features a 3D touch-sensitive part where the volume rockers would normally be.

Further, designer proposes that all new Apple’s iPhone 7 units will come with built-in Apple SIM cards that can be customized by the user, depending on user needs.

Majdak imagined a 4.7-inch iPhone 7, would be just slightly bigger than the iPhone 5s when it comes to height.


The iPhone 7 concept is the lack of the physical home button. Coupled without the headphone jack, and on-screen home button with fingerprint-sensing capabilities would let Apple reduce the bezel size on the iPhone 7 without messing with the screen size.

You can check out Majdak’s detailed iPhone 7 vision at this link, with videos showing his concept based iPhone 7 following below.


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