Apple’s 256GB iPhone XS Max has a $443 of materials cost

Apple’s latest and most premium smartphone, the 256GB iPhone XS Max, has a $443 bill of materials cost, according to estimates from TechInsights. The website totaled up the component costs in a teardown finalized yesterday (via AppleInsider).

The website examined the component costs and compared them to last year’s 64GB iPhone X, finding that it cost around $47 more to produce (the original iPhone X materials had a $395.44 estimated total). The iPhone X started at $999 for consumers, while the 64GB iPhone XS Max starts at $1099.

The 256GB iPhone XS Max price is set at $1,249. It’s among the most expensive mainstream smartphones ever sold. As is usually the case, most of the money goes on the handset’s display ($80.50), with the chipset ($72.00) and RAM ($64.50) costs following closely behind.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a $379 bill of materials total for the 64GB version, and it cost $720 at launch. Samsung charged almost twice the cost of materials for the S9 at retail, while the XS Max retail price is closer to three times the materials.

TechInsights doesn’t have a final Note 9 breakdown, though, as the more recent flagship, it would have made for a better comparison.


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