Google introduced a floating keyboard to Gboard app

In the latest Gboard beta update, the floating keyboard is once again an option to enable if you like floating things. The new floating keyboard is just another mode — like One-handed — and is accessed in a similar fashion. When available, users can head to the Gboard overflow menu and will be greeted by a new Floating button.

When tapped, a miniature keyboard appears with a D-Pad at the bottom to drag around the screen. Users can adjust the size of the window, with full functionality available as the regular docked keyboard.

When not in use, the window becomes transparent to allow users to read what’s on the rest of the screen without interruption.

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The new functionality in Gboard momentarily appeared on two of our devices, but quickly disappeared, suggesting that it’s not ready for primetime.

The floating keyboard is now live for Gboard 7.6 beta users. Tapping the D-Pad allows users to adjust the size of the window by dragging the corners. It cannot stretch the full width of the display, but it can shrink.

Bringing the floating keyboard all the way to the bottom of the screen will re-dock it, or users can re-tap the icon. This keyboard is persistent and returns after users re-open a text field.

You’ll need to opt-in to the beta, which you can do through the link below and install version

Google Play Link


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