How to update your iPhone to iOS 12 – easy guide

The new iOS 12 software has been available since September 17, so make sure you follow our guide to update your phone.

Before any major iPhone update, you should make sure to back up your phone. That’s because things can easily go wrong during an update, and you’ll want to avoid losing your precious data – like photos or videos.

To do this, simply head into the iCloud settings on your iPhone and turn on the ‘iCloud Backup’ feature. Alternatively, plug your phone into iTunes and choose the ‘Backup Now’ option.

How to update iPhone wirelessly

The easiest way to update your iPhone is wirelessly – just follow these simple steps:

  • Plug your iPhone into a power socket, and connect to a Wi-Fi network
  • Tap Settings > General > Software Update
  • Tap ‘Download and Install’
  • Tap ‘Install’ to update immediately, or tap ‘Later’ and choose ‘Install Tonight’ to update while your phone is plugged in overnight
  • You may have to enter your passcode

If you don’t have enough space for the update on your phone, Apple may ask you if it can temporarily remove some apps from your phone. Don’t worry: Apple will reinstall any deleted apps, including any data you had stored on those apps.

How to update iPhone using iTunes

If you’d rather do a manual update using a wired connection, that’s easy enough too.

  • First, install the latest version of iTunes on your computer
  • Then connect your device to your computer using the supplied USB cable
  • Open iTunes and select your device
  • Click ‘Summary’, and then click ‘Check for Update’
  • Click ‘Download and Update’
  • You may be asked to enter your passcode

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