Microsoft Surface Book strikes at Apple’s MacBook!

This time from Silicon Valley, Microsoft planning realistic procedure. It used to be that any self-respecting creative person would look at a PC and say, non-sense. What was that thing? Why would anyone use one? Where is the benefits?

According to the source:



Microsoft wants you to believe things have changed. It wants you, or creative person, to revisit your priorities. Microsoft wants you to use a Surface Book.

A new video revealed, wildlife photographer Tim Flachinsists the Surface Book gives him better resolution. Where, he is using the Surface Book’s pen directly on an image. And it all builds up to one line: “I can’t do that on my Mac.” Means, you can do more with the Surface Book than you can with a Mac.

When I say “Intentionally,” I mean that one of the person kept offering dialogue about what couldn’t do on a Mac. Microsoft clearly intends to change the idea that creative people should only use Macs.

The challenge is not just getting them to stop using Macs or Apple. It’s getting them to stop being seen with Macs. That will be a little harder because, it is Apple’s brand. Significantly Macbook already done it’s job. Now we need to see, how Microsoft going to perform with Surface Book.



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