WhatsApp update coming which will bring big change to chat app

WhatsApp users will be getting a brand new update that will introduce a major change to the Facebook-owned chat app. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat app, with over 1.5billion users each month.

This year alone WhatsApp users have seen plenty of changes, with the introduction of stickers and group video calling among other new features. And it looks like WhatsApp has one more change lined-up its sleeve which fans will be able to try out imminently.

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The reliable WABetaInfo WhatsApp news portal has said the chat app is in the process of rolling out a brand new update. And it’s one that has the possibility of leaving users red-faced.

The new feature is coming to iOS beta users who have the WhatsApp version installed. The new inbound feature will let WhatsApp users view video previews in a message notification bar.

At the moment these WhatsApp notifications are displayed on the screen with the sender’s name and a short snapshot of the video. While this won’t cause an issue for any cute animal videos, it could prove problematic if a WhatsApp user is sent something a bit more risque.

And it could be especially embarrassing if they, without realizing, chose to preview the video in public or around friends or family.

WABetaInfo tweeted: “WhatsApp is rolling out the possibility to view videos directly in the push notification for any iOS beta user having the version installed!

“It will be available soon for App Store users.”

In other WhatsApp news, recently reported on other new features set to be arriving in the chat app. As revealed once again by WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp news portal discovered two new additions coming to the Facebook-owned app.

They reported that WhatsApp is working on a new system to add contacts. WhatsApp already allows users to add new contacts directly through the app, but the publication showed images of what appears to be a redesigned look for the same functionality.

The new menu for adding contacts now only asks for the user’s number and the territory it originates from. This looks set to replace the current method of adding contacts that allow users to type in a name, organization and other details about the person in question.

And it appears WhatsApp is also experimenting with the idea of giving each user a QR code that can be read by others. Such an addition would present a new and intuitive way to add contacts using the app.

Snapchat already has a similar setup with its Snapcode feature that instantly adds accounts once they have been scanned by a user.


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