Apple’s iPhone SE ; attaching same camera as iPhone 6s

Apple’s iPhone SE looks more exciting handset than we initially believed. When it comes to internal components, it seem to be more similar to the iPhone 6s series, rather than being iPhone 5s upgrade. Also buyers looking to have high-end iPhone experience in more compact form, would not miss out on most of the features available in iPhone 6s.

According to AppleInsider, Apple might be shooting commercials that focus on the camera (specifically, 4K recording features,) of the 4-inch iPhone SE in New York, US. But the rumor says the ad would feature a scene comprised of 4K footage recorded entirely on the Apple’s iPhone SE.

source : forbes

Apple’s iPhone SE event is scheduled for Monday, March 21st, expected to go on sale in markets shortly after that.


Recent reports specified that the iPhone SE would employ the same A9 chip integrated in 2015 iPhones. Above report wasn’t clear whether the camera of iPhone SE would be similar to iPhone 6s.


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