I can’t stop watching this video – The Air Force Smashed the MagLev Speed Record at 633MPH

Fast… Faster…. Fastest…..

The U.S. Air Force recently conducted an experiment where it accelerated a sled on a magnetic levitation track at 633 miles/hour (120mph faster than in previous runs.), which just happens to be the new world record for maglev. It’s not technically a train, but it is travelling on tracks. It’s not transporting anyone to any destination either, but it does rise with impressive speed it’s definitely a sight to behold. It conducted at the Holloman Air Force Base by researchers from the 846th Test Squadron, the maglev experiment was more than successful.

fastest train record

Credit: Maglev

The research team has been working on this technology for a few years and it has run similar tests in the past. The system uses helium to elevate the sled using superconductor magnets down a 2,100-foot track, Gizmodo explains.

It’s not clear whether the technology will be used to power actual trains in the future – but this is an amazing accomplishment. Check out the short presentation video below.

In the past, it’s traveled at 513 mph so now the team has beaten its own record by an impressive 120 mph.

Currently the world speed record for a maglev train stands at 366 mph. The new record is by no stretch the fastest a sled has ever been accelerated down a track, but it’s a new milestone for magnetic levitation.


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