iPhone 8 Screen Leaks, OnePlus 5 Beats iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro Defeats MacBook Air

Thanks to the timely leak from case manufacturer MobileFun about their line-up of protective covers, it’s possible to deduce a little bit more about the iPhone 8’s physical construction and display.

Highlights include: an almost bezel-less, massive 5.8-inch elongated display (which is the largest panel ever fitted in an iPhone), a vertically aligned rear dual camera, no home button (raising expectations Touch ID will be integrated into the display) and a ‘cut-out’ at the top of the main display for the front camera and sensors.

The last of these features is expected to lead to a radical redesign of iOS 11 with a new ‘Function Area’ which could revolutionize how iPhone users receive and interact with notifications.

Looking Up the iPhone Screen

Staying with the display on the new iPhone, the latest leaks point to a dramatically larger screen in terms of pixel count and resolution. Piecing together the information suggests the tenth-anniversary smartphone is going to be huge.

New data from MacRumors (verified by BGR) has revealed Apple is set to also give the iPhone 8 a larger screen resolution than any previous iPhone. In fact extrapolating the data both sites have collected suggests the iPhone 8 will have a native resolution of 2800 x 1342 pixels. This is dramatically up from the iPhone 7 Plus native resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Reviewing The New MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro may have been late to adopt the latest chipset from Intel, but it has given the laptop a much need performance boost to bring it in line with similar Windows 10 powered devices. Tom Morgan takes a closer look at the changes to see how much Apple has improved its desk-bound portable:

Essentially, Apple has made the jump to Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake processors, which squeeze a little more performance out of the silicon than last year’s Skylake CPUs, without sapping any extra electricity from the battery.

This £1449 review sample has a Core i5 chip that usually ticks along at 2.3GHz, which is perfect for day-to-day stuff like web browsing and writing, but it can boost up to 3.6GHz when you need some extra grunt.

OnePlus 5 Defeats iPhone 7 Plus

The latest handset from Shezhen-based manufacturer OnePlus was revealed this week. The OnePlus 5 sports dual cameras, a 5.5 inch QHD screen, and many people are comparing it to Apple’s phablet sized smartphone. The handsets are evenly matched in terms of design, quality, and camera quality, so what is the tiebreaker? Andrew Hayward thinks it’s the most basic quality of all… price.

The Latest Review: OnePlus 5 Vs. OnePlus 3T

You’ll feel every bit of the steep £719 you pay for the iPhone 7 Plus, and while you might find it fair for such a polished, excellent handset, that’s still a lot of money. Hell, £449 for the OnePlus 5 is a lot of money, but it feels like a deal for the kind of phone you’re getting here.

The Latest Review: OnePlus 5 vs. OnePlus 3T vs. OnePlus 3

And if you’re not particularly swayed towards iOS, then that £270 difference should be enough to pull you way from Apple’s best iPhone to date. Maybe the iPhone 8 will make a more convincing argument against the OnePlus 5 in a few short months… but then again, at that same price or more, it might not have a chance against something as comparably cheap and capable.

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