OnePlus 6 Teaser Hints At Camera On Par With Pixel 2, Galaxy S9

OnePlus on Friday posted four images taken with the Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 2, Apple iPhone X, and its own OnePlus 6, asking fans whether they can guess which one of them was produced by the upcoming Android flagship.

While it remains to be seen if the company itself ends up answering that question, the teaser is indicative of the OnePlus 6 camera being on par with that from some of the best-reviewed high-end handsets that are currently available on the market, with both the Pixel 2 and Galaxy S9 previously being proclaimed as offering the world’s best mobile cameras when they were first released, according to in-depth reviews performed by French imaging company DxOMark.

The same source is claiming Huawei’s P20 Pro and P20 are now equipped with the best and second-best mobile cameras on the planet, though OnePlus hasn’t included those particular models in its latest comparison.

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While the Chinese firm first gained traction by offering “flagship killer” products with high-end specs and mid-range price tags and has now transitioned to that premium product category while still pricing its offerings in a competitive manner, mobile photography is one of the rare few departments that consumers and reviewers criticized in the context of its previous smartphones.

The last two OnePlus devices shipped with dual-camera setups and significantly improved the imaging experience offered by their predecessors but were still rated as being worse than most flagship alternatives in terms of low-light performance and features.

While it remains to be seen whether the upcoming OnePlus 6 puts an end to that trend, the company already teased at some new functionalities such as a super slow-motion mode and improved image stabilization.

The OnePlus 6 is scheduled to be officially announced on Wednesday, May 16, and should become available for purchase on a global level by the end of the month, with many of its details already being revealed by OnePlus itself.


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