OnePlus installment plan for US buyers; looking to evolve business

The “Flagship Killer” OnePlus has made it more appealing to consider purchasing one of its featured, unlocked Android-powered smartphones. The Manufacturer today announced it will accept payment instalments for products priced $99 and higher.

With global customers becoming increasingly more comfortable with purchasing unlocked phones directly from vendors, OnePlus offers an interesting alternative to available android device. also it has deprecated the annoying invite-only system, the OnePlus devices is more readily available



The phone manufacturer offering three instalment options for phones such as the OnePlus 2 in US. Buyers can select the cost out over 6-12-18-month instalment plan respectively using PayPal Credit at checkout. OnePlus phone prices typically cost less than big-name flagships, it still required customers to fork over a couple hundred dollars up front.

OnePlus didn’t mention the 19.99% interest rate apply onto the payments. looking at the terms and conditions, it appears the fee comes from PayPal’s side and not OnePlus.

As reported in source: ” if you’re looking to make use of this new payment scheme to purchase a OnePlus 2, you could opt for the 18-month plan which starts at $22.60 a month, and the OnePlus X starts at $16.12. There’s no need to worry about any unwelcome surprises along the way.”

The OnePlus 2, costs $349, breaks down to $22.60 per month over 18 months. When it’s all said and done, you’re looking at nearly $58 in interest over the period.



In general, the manufacturer isn’t making any extra money off users who take advantage of the instalments. in spite of that, it’s worth noting that you could end up paying slightly more for your phone in the end.

More from source, if you ever feel like paying off the full price of your order just like before, you’re free to do so at any time. OnePlus adds “just one of the new ways we are looking to evolve our business, the increased flexibility this new service provides is integral to our future payment structure.”

A good marketing strategy by the OnePlus for selling their device globally. It is all about the latest from OnePlus.


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