Report: Samsung Pay gains support for iris scanning in latest update

Samsung is currently rolling out an update to its mobile payments app. Once you get Samsung Pay version 2.3, you’ll be able to buy even more gift cards and add more of your membership cards into the app.


The most notable new feature, however, is iris scanning support. This will let you authenticate yourself in the app with an iris scanner, so for now it’s only useful for owners of the Galaxy Note7. But who knows, maybe the Galaxy S8 from 2017 will get an iris scanner too.


Additionally, Samsung Pay now supports restoring all of your membership, gift, and Samsung Reward cards when you sign back into the app – say after you’ve bought a new device. This will obviously make switching from one supported smartphone to another that much easier.

To get the update, open Samsung Pay, tap the More button in the top right, then Announcements, then go to What’s new in 2.3, and after the changelog is up just tap anywhere on it – and the update page will finally load. If you don’t have the app yet, download it from the Play Store.


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