Samsung starts production of EUV based 7nm LLP technology, will deliver 40% increased efficiency and 20% higher performance

Samsung has now moved to the next level of technology advancement because today Samsung announced it has completed all process technology development and has started the production of its 7nm LPP chips, the 7-nanometer (nm) LPP (Low Power Plus) utilizing the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology, that will lead a new path to 3nm tech.

The South Korean tech giant started the production of 7nm LPP with the ability to build a full range of applications such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise, and Hyperscale Datacenter, IoT, Automotive, and Networking.

The EUV lithography improvements deliver increased performance, lower power consumption, and a smaller area while improving design productivity by reducing multi-patterning complexity.

Compared to its 10nm FinFET predecessors, Samsung’s 7nm LPP technology reduces the process complexity with fewer layers and better yields and delivers up to a 40% increase in area efficiency with 20% higher performance or up to 50% lower power consumption.

The company began to research and development in EUV began in the 2000s, digging deeper into the technology and installed completely new equipment in its manufacturing facilities.

“With the introduction of its EUV process node, Samsung has led a quiet revolution in the semiconductor industry,” said the company.

The initial EUV production has started in Samsung’s S3 Fab in Hwaseong, Korea. By 2020, Samsung expects to secure additional capacity with a new EUV line for customers who need high-volume manufacturing for next-generation chip designs.


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