Sony begins rolling out Android P Beta 2 update to Xperia XZ2

Just five days after the second Android P Beta release, Sony has confirmed that the update is being rolled out to its flagship device.

In regards to what changes the update brings, the release focuses mainly on bug fixes. Namely, the Japanese brand has corrected an issue on Xperia XZ2 devices running the beta that saw a lack of volume adjustment when it came to calls.

Additionally, certain users reported that the microphone would sometimes stop working, an issue Sony has now addressed too. Furthermore, wireless charging should also be working perfectly now on the flagship, while 4G and the use of Wi-Fi Hotspots aren’t expected to cause any further problems.

On a final note, Sony has also addressed a bug that stopped the GPS from working on certain units, while the Nightlight feature will be fully functional once again.

Overall, the update won’t be introducing anything groundbreaking on the feature front, instead, the pure speed at which Sony was able to release the update is perhaps the biggest achievement.

After all, the manufacturer usually takes months to roll out new software versions to its Android devices but, thanks to Project Treble, this looks set to change, with this latest update taking just five days to prepare.

For owners of the Xperia XZ2 who are interested in the software, Sony will be rolling out an OTA update to those who already have the first Beta version installed.



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